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Who is this workshop for?

Our workshops are tailored for the companies that want to craft their employees skills, fill in the gaps with the new industry trends and hacks, and increase their productivity. 

Finance & Accounting Professionals

Level up your career by mastering various Accounting and FP&A techniques


Drive better insights into your business by learning how to structure your Finance & Accounting



Win more clients and deliver more value with proper forecasting & accounting  


Choose from a wide range of specialized workshops that will add value to your organization, and help your employees grow in their careers

Budget vs Actuals Dashboard 2
Preparing CFO Dashboards & board reporting

I’m a total nerd when it comes to building dashboards...I even have an album on my phone of all the dashboards I’m most proud of creating 🤩.

But it isn’t too challenging to create a good dashboard. 

Through my courses, your employees will master the ability create seamless dashboards that will engage the audience, and deliver strong insights

Building a financial model

I’ve been fortunate to build over 100 financial models in my career…

and each time, I learn something new.

But the general process is fairly consistent across each one…

This may be the most powerful thing I've learned in my career, and I can't wait to share it with you.

Excel Functions Cheat Sheet
Excel best practices

Your employees will get the most out of Excel. 

They'll learn everything starting from how to use the complex functions to how to design professional looking and well presented data.

How to Forecast Revenue

Forecasting revenue for any business model is easy...once you understand the pattern.

Learn the different and quick methods to forecast your revenue via a bottoms up approach.

Month End checklist
Best practices with closing out the month & financial reporting

Month End Close is one of the most common tasks for an accounting function.
 It’s also one of the most important tasks. 

Learn the steps to perform a Month End Close in an efficient & accurate way.

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What people say


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John H.

Head Of Finance - Ireland at Greenergy

We're about one week after the 6 week course, and already I can see a huge uplift right across the board.
I would wholeheartedly recommend Josh and his course.

Tetyana Astashkina Profile pic

Tetyana A.

General Partner @ LearnLaunch Fund + Accelerator

This was exactly what we were looking for, a great balance of basics and detail and key concepts explained in very simple terms. Financial modeling is daunting to most CEOs. With knowledge they got today they will be able to talk about their business plans and what drives the growth with more confidence.

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Ghazal Q.

Founder & CEO

I struggle with numbers & details, and this was by far the simplest that I've ever seen. Thanks for putting this together and sharing your expertise

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Mike G.

COO & Head of Education

We've been through a few of these, and this was by far one of the most informative and effective

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Flora A.

Founder & CEO

I felt that your presentation today really helped me crystalize the assumptions & think about the cost of acquiring the customer, and how to organize the information

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Seth K.

CEO and Co-Founder

This was a great workshop. I have been through a few other startup accelerators & workshops, and this has been the best one so far



Josh Aharonoff

Founder & CEO of Mighty Digits

Hi! I am a fractional CFO for 40+ startups, and love all things Finance & Accounting. My favorite part of my job involves building sophisticated forecasts for companies  to help them understand their business better, and I can't wait to share this knowledge with you

Everyday I post Finance & Accounting tips on linkedin - if we haven't connected yet, feel free to drop me a line to say hello!

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