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Every Monday

Accounting ABCs

Learn the fundamentals of Accounting - from beginner, to advanced. We'll be covering accounting concepts ranging from the Financial Statements, Debits & Credits, and key Accounting tasks

Learn how to forecast & analyze data properly with Financial Planning & Analysis. Analyze 3 statement modeling, forecasting techniques, and exciting concepts to help you accelerate your career in FP&A

Every Tuesday

FP&A Secrets

Every Wednesday

Excel for CFOs

Master excel for Finance & Accounting professionals. This newsletter will be filled with templates and techniques to help you get more out of excel, and deliver more value in your career

A weekly round up of 3 Finance & Accounting topics, each in a bite sized form to help you stay up to date with continuous learning

Every Thursday

Legit Numbers

The CFO Files

Every Friday

Are you a Fractional CFO? Are you trying to build an Accounting firm? Get the full details on best practices learned as I've scaled a 7 figure consulting firm

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