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Unlock the full potential of your finance & accounting practice with our courses

Building A 3 Statement Model - Course Cover.png

Intro to Building a 3 Statement Model


19 lessons​

1.5 hours of video content

Learning how to generate a 3 Statement Model has provided the largest ROI of my career. ​The 3 Statement Model includes: A Profit and Loss - A Balance Sheet -A Statement of Cash Flows. These three statements allow you to evaluate...

CFO Dashboards & Reporting.png

CFO Excel Dashboard & Reporting


30 lessons​

3 hours of video content

Learning how to provide this data in a visually compelling way has been one of the biggest game-changers in my career. Presenting the data is not enough - without proper design, important data points can get overlooked and message...

Accounting Made Easy.png

Accounting Made Easy


+30 lessons​

+3 hours of video content

Accounting Made Easy is a video-based course that will teach you the core concepts of Accounting to help you grow in your career, and understand your business

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