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Connect Your Data

Are you ready to take your financial reporting to the next level?

With our Connect your Data plan, we will collect your financial data, and send back the CFO Excel Dashboards & Reports found in this course 

You'll also get full access to all the materials in this course, as well as 2 live 30 minute sessions with a CFO to discuss your data & reporting

Our course includes everything you need to create effective dashboards, including:

  • Templates for monthly profit and loss, balance sheets, and more

  • Instructions on how to import your data into Excel

  • Guidance on how to create charts, graphs, and other visuals

  • Tips on how to make your dashboards easy to read and understand

CFO Dashboards & Reporting.png

In addition to the course materials, you'll also get two 30-minute sessions with a CFO. During these sessions, you'll have the opportunity to:


Collect and coordinate your data


Review the results of your dashboard


Get feedback from a professional

Whether you're a CFO, financial analyst, or business owner, our CFO Excel Dashboards & Reporting course can help you create effective dashboards that will help you make better decisions for your business.

Required documents:
Optional documents:
Budget Monthly Balance Sheet
Company Logo
Budget Monthly Profit and Loss
Monthly Balance Sheet
Forecasted Monthly Balance Sheet
Monthly Profit and loss
Forecasted Monthly Profit and Loss

To get started, simply purchase the course and then schedule your two 30-minute sessions with a CFO. We'll take care of the rest!

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