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26 Examples of Operating Expenses (OPEX)

26 examples of operating expenses

Here are the most common examples of operating expenses (OPEX):

  1. Advertising & Marketing: The cost of promoting your business

  2. Bank Charges & Fees: Charges from your bank for wire transfers, overdrafts, and annual fees

  3. Conferences & Events: The cost of attending, hosting, or sponsoring conferences

  4. Dues & Subscriptions: Recurring fees for software & publications

  5. Insurance: The cost of insuring the business against risks (ex: Errors & Omissions, General Liability, Workers Compensation)

  6. Office Expenses: The cost associated with operating the office (ex: paper, low cost equipment)

  7. Rent & Lease: The cost of leasing or renting office space

  8. Utilities: The cost of utilities (ex: electricity, water, gas, phone)

  9. Accounting Fees: The cost associated with hiring an accountant or accounting firm to manage your finances (give us a holler!)

  10. Consulting Fees: The cost of hiring a consultant

  11. Legal Fees: The cost associated with hiring an attorney or law firm

  12. Recruiting Fees: The cost associated with recruiting new employees

  13. Salary & Wages: The cost of paying employee salaries and wages for work performed.

  14. Payroll Taxes: The cost of taxes associated with employee salaries and wages (ex: Social Security, Medicare, and unemployment)

  15. Health Insurance: The cost of providing health insurance benefits to employees

  16. Payroll Processing Fees: The cost of using a payroll processing service to manage employee paychecks and payroll tax filings

  17. Commissions Expense: The cost associated with paying a bonus to employees or contractors for sales

  18. Taxes & Licenses: The cost of various licenses and permits required to operate the business (ex: property tax, Delaware franchise tax)

  19. Lodging: the cost of temporary accommodation for business purposes (ex: hotels, airbnb)

  20. Meals & Entertainment: The cost of meals and other entertainment expenses (ex: dinner, taking clients to a sports game)

  21. Postage & Delivery: The cost of postage and delivery for business-related mail and packages.

  22. Repairs & Maintenance: The cost of maintaining and repairing business property and equipment.

  23. Bad Debts: The cost of unrecoverable debts owed to the business.

  24. Charitable Contributions: Donations to charities

  25. Freight & Shipping: The cost of shipping and transporting goods to and from the business.

  26. Training & Education: The cost of training and educational programs for employees.

What else would you add?

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