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My top 10 Finance & Accounting Infographics

top 10 Finance & Accounting Infographics

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I've aggregated these top 10 Finance & Accounting infographics so that you don't have to

1️⃣ Accounting vs FP&A

Learn about the difference between what an Accounting function does, and what an FP&A function does

2️⃣ P&L vs Cash Flows

Learn the difference between a Profit and Loss, and a Statement of Cash Flows

Learn importance of preparing a budget vs actuals, and some important considerations when preparing one

Learn about 10 common adjusting journal entries that are performed during a month end close, and what they mean (Don't forget to check the article everything you need to know about Adjusting Journal Entries)

5️⃣ 4 Accounting Fundamentals

Learn the 4 fundamentals to accounting:

➡ The Financial Statements

➡ The Accounting Equation,

➡ Debits & Credits

➡ Cash vs Accrual

6️⃣ The Financial Statements

Learn about the 3 financial statements:

➡ The Profit and Loss

➡ The Balance Sheet

➡ The Statement of Cash Flows


Learn what EBITDA means, how to compile it, why it's so popular, and some common misconceptions

8️⃣ EBITDA vs Cash Flows

Understand the difference between EBITDA and Cash Flows (no, they are not the same)

9️⃣ Gross Profit vs Net Income vs EBITDA vs Cash Flows

Understand the difference between these 4 important metrics, and why they are important to use

🔟 Debits & Credits

Learn the fundamentals of how Debits & Credits work...the foundation to Double Entry accounting

Those are my top 10 Finance & Accounting topics


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