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Hire Slow, Fire Fast

When I started my fractional CFO firm nearly five years ago, I often heard the advice: "Hire slow, fire fast." At first, I struggled to understand why anyone would say that. Why take so long to hire someone when my business was moving quickly? And why let someone go quickly, especially if it could hurt team morale?

I've always believed in putting people first. I didn't want to run my company based on generic sayings. But as time went on, I realized there's wisdom in this advice. Today, I'll share why I believe in hiring slowly and making tough decisions about letting people go, all while keeping your team strong and motivated.

What We're Going to Talk About

🙌 Your Team Is Everything

When we decided on our company's core values, one thing stood out: Respect matters most. I've had experiences in my career where working with difficult people made me feel tense, anxious, and unhappy both at work and at home. I promised myself I wouldn't create that kind of environment for my team.

👉 Why Take Time to Hire?

Hiring the right person is hard. It takes time and effort. It's not just about skills—it's also about finding someone who fits your company's culture and values. Hiring the wrong person can cause big problems. It wastes time and money on training, brings down team morale, and can even lead to legal issues if things go wrong.

👋 Why Act Quickly to Let Someone Go?

On the other hand, if someone isn't a good fit for your team, it's important to address it sooner rather than later. Keeping an underperforming or mismatched team member can hurt your company's progress and morale. It's about protecting your team and your business.

👌 Finding the Right Balance

Balancing people and performance isn't easy. It's about making tough decisions with empathy and fairness. While letting someone go is never pleasant, sometimes it's necessary for the good of the team. By handling these situations respectfully and quickly, you show your commitment to building a strong and successful organization.

🤝 Learning and Growing

I don't have all the answers, and I'm still learning every day. Every company is different, and every situation requires careful consideration. I'm here to learn from your experiences too.

😀 Share Your Story

Have you ever had to let someone go or been in a job that wasn't the right fit? How do you approach hiring and firing in your organization? Let's continue this conversation and support each other in creating positive and effective workplaces.



Josh is a CPA, with a passion for helping startups scale with incredible finance and accounting support. His unique background as a CPA and running his own outsourced finance and accounting company for nearly 4 years has perfectly positioned him to solve complex finance and accounting issues for startups. You can follow Josh on LinkedIn where he posts Finance & Accounting tips everyday.


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