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Building a 3 Statement Model

Building a 3 Statement Model

Learning to build a 3 statement model has been such a game changer.

This has given me the largest ROI in my career.

When you learn how to build one:

✅ You understand more about the 3 statements, and how they are connected

✅ You can easily tell what is GOING to happen (while showing what has happened already)

✅ You can create custom reporting off of any metrics, historical or projected

Like many accountants, I started my career doing accounting work

➡ Closing the books

➡ Processing Payroll

➡ Managing AP / Invoicing

These are all great things thing to learn, but they are only one side of the coin

When you learn how to build a 3 statement model, you get the opportunity to bridge both sides, and truly become what I like to call a FULL STACK Finance & Accounting professional

In this guide, I'll show you

💡 How to connect the income statement to the balance sheet

💡 How to create a cash flows statement

💡 How to connect your balance sheet to the cash flows

💡 How to see your cash balance and all other metrics update in real time as you make updates to your projections


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