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130+ MEGA guide on Startups & Fundraising

guide on Startups & Fundraising

This mega guide contains almost everything I know about Startups and fundraising…

I spent hours & hours putting together this content so you can understand how startups work…

and how to raise capital from investors

Here’s what you’ll learn in this guide:

➡️ How VC Works

◼️ How do startups get funding?

▪️ Founders

▪️ Friends & Family

▪️ Angel Investors

▪️ Venture Capitalists (VCs)

▪️ Other Lenders)

◼️ How do Startup Funding Stages Work?

▪️ Early Stage

▪️ Mid / Growth Stage

▪️ Late Stage

▪️ Bridge Round

▪️ IPO / Exit

➡️ How to raise capital

▪️ What are startup pitch decks?

▪️ What’s commonly included in a startup pitch deck?

◼️ How to Raise Capital with Proper Finance & Accounting

▪️ What Does the Fundraising Process look like?

▪️ Commonly Requested Finance & Accounting Materials





▪️CAC Payback


▪️Net Dollar Retention

▪️Cash Burn

▪️Expansion / Contraction

▪️ Gross Profit


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